Full time mommy job - enough, but not enough!

I worked as a software engineer for twelve years. Then I had my second baby and I decided to quit my job to take care of the kids. I didn’t love my job, I don’t miss it but sometimes in the night when I am done with all the craziness and running behind the kids, I sit back and think about the day that just got over and it seems a bit purposeless. However, it seems I am not alone in this “feeling like a loser” land. There are many mothers who have been in the same situation, had the same feelings but what’s inspirational is the way some of them have utilized their own experiences of raising kids to solve some universal parenting problems. Priya (the founder of Toygiggle) is one such supermom who loved playing with toys with her son and she decided to make the whole process of selecting and managing toys much easier for parents.

I met Priya a few years back in Ohio, United States. She was a full time mommy to a wonderful boy, she had quit her job but not her aspirations! I was awestruck by the way she engaged her son in educational toys, books and activities, it seemed extraordinary to me. So when my son turned one and I started struggling to find the right toys and books for him, I knew exactly who would be the best person to guide me. I called up Priya, she had moved to Bangalore and she told me about Toygiggle - this innovative platform she had started to provide hand picked toys for kids on a rental plan, where parents can pay a monthly subscription fee and rent a huge variety of toys for their kids. It seemed perfect for my son for several reasons:

  • The right toy selection- I spend several hours on online stores trying to find the right toys for my kids, reading the reviews, questions, instructions and what not. Finally when I select and buy a toy, it turns out to be of little interest to my son. The toys on Toygiggle have been carefully selected with the inputs from many experienced parents. If so many kids have liked these toys then my kids will like it too.

  • Huge variety of toys for my kids - With Toygiggle subscription, my kids can have access to a huge variety of toys. It’s like having a library membership, no matter how many books we buy at home we cannot create a whole library

  • Saving - Renting toys saves a lot of money for us parents and it also saves the environment by reducing the overload of plastic

  • Have a clean home whenever needed - I had some relatives coming over from Delhi, and had to turn the kids room into a guest room. Easy peasy, return the toys to Toygiggle

Above all, I have seen the passion that this superwoman has for kids and everything related to kids, so for that reason I had to try Toygiggle for my kids. Once I tried it, I loved it! What’s there not to love!!


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